Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Our Walkable Neighborhood

This past Sunday was quite possibly one of the last warm days of autumn.  Brian and I decided to venture out of our cozy little Sea Kettle and enjoy the neighborhood.  I have been so focused on unpacking and decorating that I almost forgot about the wonderful storybook place that Sea Kettle is nestled.   We spent the afternoon strolling the lovely lawns and walking paths of Salem Common.  After our walk we had a wonderful lunch at a great little local pub/restaurant called "In a Pig's Eye".  I had the corn chowder and Mr. James enjoyed the pork con huevos. Both were just delectable. We are looking forward to being regulars there. (oh and they have open mic nights every Monday! Brian?)  On our way home we stopped by "Ye Olde Candy Shoppe".  How could we resist?  We were met by a lovely candy lady (and oh how she looked the part!) who convinced us to buy some cranberry and blueberry covered chocolates and some creamy milk chocolate fudge.  Some of the best chocolate I've ever had. And it's a block from my front door.  I think I'm in big trouble. Or at least my girlish figure is. :)  There are so many more wonderful little places that I will write about as we continue to discover our little neighborhood here on Derby Wharf.   Here are a few shots of the Salem Common.
Soli Deo Gloria

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