Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Anyone wanna live in a Sea Kettle?

One of the many reasons that we bought Sea Kettle, was the fact that right now it is a two family home (it could easily be turned back...and I'm counting on a future art studio!).  Our first floor is hopefully going to be rented out to help with the mortgage.  Winter is a tough season to get renters, so the going has been slow.  Meanwhile, my beloved and I have been updating this and that around the apartment.  It's amazing what a coat of paint, good scrub and new blinds will do. 

Last night I ventured downstairs to find Brian changing out an old sink fixture.  I knew my man was talented, but had not idea how handy he was! I'm glad to have such a strong and capable husband to help maintain this-(very)-old-house.  Now if we can only find a nice tenant or two to settle in the kettle! :) 

Christmas Update: still crafting away... it's almost Christmas crunch time!  I'm still enjoying it, are you? Don't forget the reason for our joy, friends.

Plumber husband

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