Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Projects Continued - Vintage Sheet Quilts

This is one project this year that I was especially excited about.  I have seen this done a couple times and have always wanted to try it.  This was a such an economical sewing project and perfect for amateurs like myself.

I decided to make quilts for my siblings with vintage sheets.  I found some old sheets at my parents house, and went to a consignment shop to find a couple of other sheets with fun patterns.  Each sheet was $4. Between that, the batting and the thread, each quilt was under $15 to make!

I decided to stitch some appropriate verses for each quilt, then sew these patches onto the front, bottom end of the quilt top.  After sewing the two sides together with the batting, I quilted the top with embroidery thread and voila! ..a (relatively) quick and easy quilt!

I look forward to finding more old abandoned sheets just waiting for new life!

Mom came over to help me remember my rusty sewing skills!  It's been a while since my yearly Easter outfit sewing projects...

Verses in process of being stitched for the quilts

One sister's finished quilt.

The other sister's quilt.  I thought this bright flowery sheet was such a great find!

Stripes for my brother. :)

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