Saturday, April 18, 2015

these days...

these days, I'm...

- catching up on some blogging :)
- head over heals excited for my sister Kimmie's engagement and wedding in October
- writing 3rd quarter evaluations for my students and gearing up for the home stretch, a big art show and lots of awesome final projects
- watching the Magnolia trees start to blossom and getting ready to celebrate the birth of a special little lady!
- spending almost every day with my Dad, trying to keep him company, bring some cheer (mostly in the form of my children) and encouraging him to eat and keep on fighting. 
- listening to Maggie giggle and imitate words and intonations 
- enjoying "spring" Levi and the change in his demeanor now that he spends most of his days outside running around, smelling the wild air and making as much mud as possible.
- loving the love my kids have for each other
- crossing all my fingers (and saying all my prayers) that Brian's master's thesis gets the "Ok" so we can celebrate big time in May.
- putting my new fav album on repeat, Psalms by Sandra McCracken.
- crushing hard on my neighborhood; the salty air, the blossoming gardens, running into friends everywhere, the beautiful historic streets filling up with people and excitement again
- picnicking as much as possible
- looking forward to this week of school vacation and time spent enjoying spring with my loves.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Magnolia's Dedication

(We dedicated Magnolia to God at our church on Easter morning. Below is a letter Brian and I wrote to her in honor of the day.)


Dear Magnolia, we dedicate you to God, because God made you. You belong to Him. He knows everything about you and loves you perfectly. He brought you to life. The rest of your life is in His hands, so we accept that now. We ask God to be gracious to you with His gifts, and merciful in forgiving and finding you when you’re lost. We pray that God would teach you faith, hope, and love through the power of his Holy Spirit.

We learned from our Chinese sister in Christ that your name, Magnolia, translates to “Mulan” in Chinese, which means “virtue.” We pray that you would live and breathe virtue, thinking on things good, lovely, pure, and honorable. We dedicate you to God’s people, His church and holy bride, so that you might learn about God’s goodness. We pray that you might one day be a giving member of the Church, gladly passing on the goodness that you tasted and enjoyed.

We named you because of the beautiful flowers that grow on the Magnolia tree and because of the place where we first lived as a married couple. We lived in a little seaside village called Magnolia. Some say it was given this name because it was the northern-most place where Magnolia trees could still grow. The Magnolia trees had just sprung into bloom when you were born.

Despite the difficulties that surrounded your birth, and the frigid New England winter you’ve endured, you’ve grown strong and blossomed bright with joy already. You lighten our hearts and minds with your jubilant laughter and sweet smile. You delight in everyone you meet, making all of us feel loved. We’re so very thankful for you and can't wait to watch you grow into the woman God created you to be.


Mama and Papa