Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sea Kettle School - 2016-2017 - Levi (5), Magnolia (2)


Sea Kettle School 
{A Charlotte Mason Home School}

“This idea of all education springing from and resting upon our relation to Almighty God-we do not merely give a religious education because that would seem to imply the possibility of some other education, a secular education, for example. But we hold that all education is divine, that every good gift of knowledge and insight comes from above, that the Lord the Holy Spirit is the supreme educator of mankind, and that the culmination of all education (which may at the same time be reached by a little child) is that personal knowledge of and intimacy with God in which our being finds its fullest perfection.” 

This year we continue to home educate with the Charlotte Mason method using Ambleside Online to help guide our curriculum/book choices. Our aim is to provide our children with a feast of the great ideas, literature, art and music and to gently foster an insatiable curiosity, love of learning and knowledge and love of God. 
Levi will be 5 (Kindergarten, Year 0), so we are slowly adding in some very light phonics/reading and math games alongside a lot of the things we've been doing all along- reading living books and poetry, playing great music, looking at great art, working on habit training, enjoying time outdoors and observing the world around us. Magnolia joins in whenever she can and wants! 

School Day Rhythm

Wake Up, Get ready for the day


Morning Basket (15 minutes)

One or more of the following: 
Math Activity/Phonics/Copywork (30 minutes max)

History Story Read Aloud(15 minutes)


Literature Story Read Aloud(15 minutes)

Outdoor time and/or the riches (art, music, handicrafts)

*Outdoor time, as much as possible throughout the day.*

Tuesday: Artist Study and Poetry Tea
Wednesday: Composer Study
Thursday: Nature Study
Friday: Co-op

(Note: We are in the third week of school and I have realized quickly that my schedule is good to keep in mind, but flexibility is the key to having an enjoyable and natural feeling day. For example, we have been going outside to a park, garden or nature reserve on every nice day, so any other activities get pushed to after lunch or to the next day. We're making the most of the beautiful warm weather while we can!) 

“Family Math For Young Children” by Stenmark and Coates

I might start using Right Start Math, Level A, later this year. I'm waiting for a sale on the manipulatives!

Basket of math-y games

Early reading activities from "Discover Reading" by Amy Tuttle

Poetry Tea Times

History and Literature Read Alouds

Tentative Read Aloud Booklist:

Fairy Tales and Fables Illustrated by Gyo Fujikawa
A Child's Book of Poems Illustrated by Gyo Fujikawa
All Beatrix Potter Books
Stories by Thorton Burgess
My BookHouse Series
Charlotte's Web by E.B. White
Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren
Homer Price by Robert McCloskey
The Bear’s on Hemlock Mountain by Alice Dagliesh

Handwriting/Copywork: Practice letters in the air, sand, shaving cream etc. 
Jot it Down Book: I write down his stories as he tells them at any point in the day. He may illustrate, if he’d like. (idea from Bravewriter)
The Papa Post: He dictates a letter or story to Papa, writes a few of the words himself and then Papa writes back. 

Daily reading from The Children’s Bible in 365 Days and short selections from actual Scripture.

AWANA club every other Thursday night and scripture memorization throughout the week

Habit Training:
Memorize a habit motto for each term. (ie. "respond with gratitude" or "obey, right away, with a joyful heart, everyday", "there is a time for everything")

Work on habits from “Laying Down the Rails” by Sonya Shafer.

History and Geography:
Stories of American Life and Adventure by Eggleston
Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans by Eggleston

Science and Nature Study:
As much time as possible outside playing and exploring
Work on Calendar of Firsts and Nature Life Lists
Adopt a Tree (record observations and drawing of the same tree throughout the seasons)
Nature journal/adventure pack
Collect things for nature table 
Go over Audubon almanac each month.
Learn to identify local birds with Sibley’s bird flashcards

Picture Study - one artist per term, study one piece of art by this artist each week, art displayed in a frame in the kitchen. This year we will study Cassatt, Giotto, Whistler
Art/drawing lessons with Mama at Co-op

Listen to music by one composer each term. This year we will study Dvorak, Medieval Music and Von Dittersdorf.

Learn folk songs and Hymns from “A Little Songster” and from Ambleside's term selections.

Music with Ms. Amy at Co-op

Family worship time with Papa

Zippy Knitting
Lacing cards
Lacing beads
Lincoln logs
wood projects