Saturday, December 20, 2014


My sister recently alerted me that the last post on my neglected little blog was...THANKSGIVING. Yes, I'm afraid that my hands have been full, mind distracted, heart heavy. We've been enjoying and savoring this advent season in so many ways, but we have also been receiving bad news about my Dad's health. His cancer has returned for the 3rd time and seems to be growing and spreading. Prayers are certainly appreciated. 

"I will just keep turning to Jesus today, 
the only real Light in the whole world
and His light can always turn on the inside of me. 
I am saved from the dark of lostness because God. is. love. 
and He can't stand to leave me by myself in the dark. 
It doesn't matter how dark the dark is -- 
Jesus comes to the darkest places
so I can see His light the brightest...."
-A. Voskamp