Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Sunday Afternoon Project

There is some faint Christmas craft memory that I've carried for a while and have wanted to relive. :)  I forget if I did this at home, at school or at Grandma's... maybe it was a dream, who knows.  Today I finally got the materials and decided to try my hand at it.  I was at the crafts store getting other materials for my other Christmas projects, but as I was on my way to check out I saw the styrofoam balls on sale.  I ran back to the bead section and was able to get lots of wonderful beads and sequins.  I also found some silk pins and I was all set.  It took a while, but the finished product was so worth it!  I'm definitely going to make more of these during this advent season.

Note: the ornaments are a bit fragile and it doesn't take much for the pins to fall out. I'm thinking of putting a coat of modge podge or some other sealant to keep them in place.  I was also thinking of maybe putting a drop of glue on each bead next time around.

Materials: beads, sequins, silk pins, ribbon

Ornament in progress. Just put a bead on the pin and stick it into the styrofoam.

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