Monday, December 7, 2009


holy experience

Joining again in the Gratitude Community @A Holy Experience.

76.  a new week
77. our first snow in Sea Kettle
78. the fact that our first snow was not a big snow...we don't have a shovel, yet!
79. little ones in sweater-suits and wild curly locks
80. new friends
81. church and lunch with a cousin
82. Samantha wanting to come with us to church
83. Chinese food
84. a new pot rack
85. a patient husband waiting while I peruse the craft store - for the fourth time this week
86. Mom's sewing help
87. a big birthday this weekend (Dad's 50th)
88. a home
89. Brian, Brian, Brian...
90. family
91. peace during a 2 1/2 hour commute.
92. grace
93. work friends
94. Student's mom who brings in lots of sweet treats!
95. prospective renters
96. Rhema and family -  - lots of eye contact yesterday and a great big "Hi!".
97. ride to church from Mom and Dad James
98. text picture of McKenna family tree from Katie
99. Jesus - he will not rest and he will not let me go
100. peace

Soli Deo Gloria


  1. Beautiful Art!
    Beautiful List!

    Have a week full of Him!


  2. Love your list and LOVE your art! Is that your work?? So beautiful and a reminder that His unrest brings our rest. Hugs!

  3. Thanks, Becky. Blessing on your week, as well! Hi Hillary, yes, that's my art. Been doing some mini-watercolor paintings recently and loving the medium. They are great for encouraging gifts, too. Nice and small (this is the size of a baseball card) you can tuck it right into your wallet or purse. Glad you like it!

  4. It is a lovely list. I'm always encouraged to see the blessings God pours into the lives of others.

  5. You are very talented!
    Nice to meet you here in this community