Saturday, December 5, 2009


A few weeks ago I was asked to be in charge of decorating the church for Christmas.  Actually, I misunderstood and at first I thought I was just volunteering to help out for a couple of hours.  I soon found out that I had become the director-of-all-things-artistic-at-Christmas.  I'll admit I didn't start out this job with a great attitude.  I know why I devote my time to my small group, the kids with special needs at church, nursery and the other ways I serve in the local church.  I think the kind woman who I am replacing felt my hesitancy.  She said, "This really is a ministry".   I wasn't convinced. Wasn't that just making them feel better about spending so much time hanging wreaths (just so) ?  Couldn't my time be better spent?

After spending last Friday morning with the ladies at church, primping the ribbons, carefully and thoughtfully placing each ribbon and wreath, I realized that she was right.  These ladies dedicate hours of the their time to focus our attention on the warmth and beauty of the season.  And it's not just any season.  These old, dusty decorations are reminders that this is a special time for the children of God.  We have reason to be full of joy.  We have reason to worship, sing and decorate. We have reason to dress the house of God in beautiful ribbons and greenery.  Our Lord's coming changed our lives.  His advent gave way for our salvation.  I'm proud to be the one in charge of welcoming in the advent season to the people of God.  It's not a waste of  my time.  It's a part of a life of worship.

Soli Deo Gloria

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