Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Crocheting at Grandma's

Sorry for the over abundance of posts recently.  I had been writing and collecting them during the Christmas season (and didn't want to ruin any surprises!), so now I have quite a few to post.

Growing up, whenever we went to Grandma's house it was always craft time.  Ever since I could hold a crayon and color, my Mom, my aunt or my Grandma would plan some wonderful craft for us to complete during each visit.  My siblings, cousins and I would make candles from sand molds, sculpt animals from clay or create bird houses from gourds that Grandpa grew in the garden.  One weekend was spent quilting or learning to knit, the next we would paint pots for new plants.

As we've all grown up, we've had fewer and fewer family craft times.  Until yesterday.

My family went up to New Hampshire to see my grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins to celebrate the day after Christmas.  My mom had bought a book with lots of patterns for crocheting hats.  We all got inspired and decided to make one.  Before you knew it we had about 6 hats made in a matter of 3-4 hours.  We had a blast; talking, crocheting, laughing.  I made a white hat for myself, a green hat for my sister Kimmie and a black hat (sans flowers!) for my brother.  Katie worked on a hat for her friend's birthday and my aunt made a cute blue hat for my cousin, Jenny.  They were quick, fun and very easy.  You really just need to know the single crochet stitch.  It would take me forever to type out the pattern, but  I bet if you googled it, you could find lots of great patterns.   In the book there is a cute pattern for straw sun hats.  My aunt Wendy is making all of us girls a sun hat by crocheting it out of raffia.  We are all going to wear them during our annual camping trip this summer.  Won't that be the cutest??!

My white "flapper girl" hat.  Love the flower!

Kimmie modeling my first hat

Kimmie decided that she also needed a cute hat this winter, so I popped this guy out next.

 My sisters, cousin and I with our new hats!

Even my brother, Jonny, got in on the craze...

Now go buy some yarn and crochet someone a hat!  We have a long cold winter before us...

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