Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cat and Mouse

We have some very fun people in our small group.  One of these fun loving couples taught us a new game the other night.  I can imagine many a family having so much fun playing this simple homemade game.  I look forward to playing in a few years with some little Jameses.

What you need:
1 piece of paper
a *clean* toilet plunger (like I'm talking NEW)
twisty ties (the ones we used to put around our garbage bags)
2 dice

How you play:
1. Make a circle with your twist tie and attach a piece of string to the circle, about a foot long- this is your mouse.
2. Use the plunger to trace a circle in the middle of your paper, then tape the paper to the table .
3. You are ready to play!

-everyone starts out with about 10 pennies (you can decide the amount)
-the first person starts out with the plunger, everyone else puts their mice (twisty ties) in the circle.
-the cat (the one with the plunger) starts rolling the dice.  If they roll a 7 or an 11, the cat tries to "catch" the mice with the plunger before they are pulled out with the string.
-If the cat gets a mouse, that person has to give the cat a penny.
-If the cat plunges when he didn't roll a 7 or 11, the cat has to give everyone else a penny.
-If anyone pulls out their mouse when a 7 or 11 wasn't rolled, they owe the cat a penny.
-The cat's turn goes until he/she roll a double, then the next person has a turn being the cat.
-the game goes until one person gets all the pennies.

Now go find some kids or some fun loving adults and have fun!

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  1. Thanks for sharing how to play this. It sounds like a ton of fun and just the kind of game my sitty brood loves. Can't wait to play, but first I'll have to visit the hardware store for a plunger.