Monday, November 30, 2009

1000 Gifts

Joining in the gratitude community...

holy experience

51. Lovely long Thanksgiving weekend
52. a warm house
53. cleaned and raked patio, ready for planting bulbs
54. decorating for Christmas
55. baked apples
56. surprise gifts from Grandma
57. moleskins
58. surprise visits
59. enjoying monday morning at work
60. one of my students being "Amelia Bedelia". again.
61. being able to smile at "Amelia Bedelia"
62. lots of family time
63. turkey, cranberry sauce, rolls, mashed potatoes, twice baked sweet potatoes (SO worth the wait), stuffing, green bean casserole, apple crisp, maple pies...
64. moral dilemmas discussed in the family van
65. siblings
66. Grandpa's thanksgiving thankfulness
67. student smiles
68. our walkable neighborhood
69. the Christmas season
70. friendly neighbors
71. a break in the day
72. silly tv shows
73. the cat
74. our baked apple bowls
75. dishwasher and washer/dryer

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