Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Multitude Monday - on Tuesday

33.  new warm, fluffy and white night robe
34.  Grace that is new every morning
35.  first movie night date in the new house
36.  forgiveness
37.  friends during the move
38.  making through another day of work with the longest cold of my life
39. a dishwasher
40. a letter signed "from your best student".
41. ability to "let go" for a night, even though the house isn't "perfect" yet
42. a beautiful old trunk found on the side of the road - perfect for Sea Kettle!
43. a warm body beside me during cold November nights
44. rediscovering knick knacks
45. blankets and tea
46. Matza ball soup (sp?) from family heritage day - ah how it soothes a sore throat!
47. my walk in closet
48. house warming gifts (a beautiful planter of flowers and sparkling apple cider
49. a half day tomorrow
50. Thanksgiving!

holy experience

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