Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thankfulness in a Mess

Last night my Mr. James was away at an overnight trip for his summer job.  I had every intention of coming home from school and digging into the piles of boxes and trash that I now call my home.  We got an email saying that the bank needed an extension to get all of their paperwork for the new house finished, so I have an extra 2 days to pack... so I took out my new moleskin journal and decided to create my Thankfulness Journal for the new house.  I cleared a space on the floor and hunkered down with glue, scissors and Martha Stewart Magazine scraps.  And here we have it, a lightly decorated,  paper bag-brown notebook, empty and ready to be filled by remembrances of God's blessings.

Would you like to join me in filling my home with thankfulness?  Here's a tutorial at A Holy Experience (have I mentioned lately, how much I love that blog?)

Soli Deo Gloria

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