Saturday, November 7, 2009


I started packing up the house today.  I hate packing.  I can't stand the blank walls, piles of boxes and empty shelves.  It's so lonely.

 I love my home, no matter where it is (I've had A LOT of places I've called home).  I love decorating it and making it a warm place for us and those who come through our doors.  I don't consider myself too materialistic, but I do love my beautiful little things that make my house my home.  It's always a little sad picking up each thing so loving and specifically placed and hiding it in a box for a time.

The minute I get into the new place, I know excitement will hit me and I'll relish in the joy of making my new home.  For now, I'm melancholy.  I'm desperately hoping that I remember all the blessings and beautiful moments that filled this home.

Dmitri doesn't seem to be taking it all this seriously...hmmmm

Soli Deo Gloria

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