Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Project Round-Up: Granny-Square Mug Cozy

Brian's last handmade gift was a mug cozy made to personalize a two-handled mug I found at a local pottery shop.  

I know it's odd, but for the longest time we've been in the habit of sharing a cup (just seems easier? less dishes?). I'm right handed and he's left handed; hence, a cup with a handle for each of us. Brian immediately dubbed it "The Unity Chalice" and you can bet we've been drinking from it ever since.(As a side note, I was rather surprised at how hard it is to find a two-handled cup that isn't for babies or people with arthritis! I got lucky stumbling on this beauty!). 

The mug cozy is almost identical to one I made last January, just altered to fit the size of the new mug chalice (see tutorial here). It's a very quick crochet and a charming handmade gift for any lover of hot drinks.

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