Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Art Room Diaries: Of Late

a bit of what we've been working on - 

1. Creature Tessellations inspired by M.C. Escher
2. Post-Impressionist Still Lifes - painted from observation, inspired by Paul Cezanne
3. "Garden of Eden" Glue and Foil Bas-Reliefs - inspired by Renaissance sculptor, Lorenzo Ghiberti
4.  Optical Illusions - Inspired by the Op-Art Movement
5. Clay Pueblo Storytellers - Inspired by the art of Helen Cordero
6. Colored Pencil Still-life - Drawn from observation
7. Pencil Vs. Camera Drawings - Inspired by contemporary artists, Ben Heine
8. Mono-chromatic landscape - learning how to create tints and shades
9. Pop Art Shoe Prints - inspired by Andy Warhol
10. Futuristic Floating Art Museums - in 3 and 4 point perspective
11. High School Art Independent Projects - see more here

just itchin' for more? Check out my students' online art gallery: