Monday, January 28, 2013

busy-ness and a bit of blog business

(This weekend was very full (very GOOD full, but full nonetheless) and it left barely enough time to finish my lesson planning let alone writing out my usual Monday list of thanks. Tomorrow perhaps. For now, a bit of blog business.)

I've decided to turn off the comments on my posts...partly because I've been getting oodles of spam and partly because I have a hard time keeping up with responding to comments in a timely manner and when I do, I never know if you've read my response.  In general, it's far easier for me to reply to emails, so for now, feel free to email me if you have a question/comment or whatever

I hope this doesn't cramp your style...I really do love hearing from you. It always means a lot when someone takes the time to step out of the dark anonymous caverns of the interwebs to say "hello". :)