Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas Round Up 2012: Painted Wooden Clock

Longtime readers might remember this poem Brian wrote inspired by my photographs (seen here). 

that we would scratch the sky with wire, that you would still alight
and dignify our lines with light-boned watchers
in the early evening light

that you would settle there, just seven feet above
our stubborn heads, to tilt them from the paths of aging
and toward the weightless wanderings of birds
before the knell of night

-B. James

As a token of the fact that we inspire each other's artistic ventures quite frequently, I decided to paint Brian a clock inspired by his poem which was inspired by my photograph. (and now perhaps he will write a song inspired by my clock? haha) You may also notice that I painted an extra baby bird not seen in the photographs. :)

You can buy wooden plaques with holes in the center and a clock kit at your local art store.  I used acrylic paints to create my design, then sealed it with clear varnish. The clock kit has directions on how to install it. Very quick and easy.

(just like yesterday's project this is another totally blank slate; you could mod podge pretty paper onto it or even fabric, use a favorite stencil, paint it white and use a black paint pen to write a special verse or poem across it...whatever!)


  1. Brian's poetry, and prose for that matter, blow me away. SUCH talent in your home.

  2. aww, thanks Janet! I will tell him! So sorry to miss the party on New Years...overwhelmed and not feeling great = not a great party combo. Thanks for the recorder...Levi loves it!

    1. I think you (Bri) got the gleanery certif. I was sort of hoping it would land on you.