Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas Round Up 2012: Reindeer Finger Print Ornaments

Levi also got in on all of this handmade gift action by making these cute little reindeer ornaments for his family members. Well, he HELPED at least. :)

What you need: 

1" wooden circles 
Drill and small drill bit
Stamp pad
Mod podge and a brush
Sharpie or other permanent pen

What to do:

1. Drill a small hole in each of the wooden circles.
2. Using a stamp pad, print the child's thumb horizontally for the reindeer's body and pointer-finger kitty-corner for the head.
3. Paint the entire ornament (back and front) with mod podge or other protective sealant.
4. When the mod podge is dry, add details with extra fine point sharpie (eyes, nose, mouth, legs, tail, antlers). On the opposite side, I added "Christmas 2012 - Love, Levi". Note: if you use the sharpie before sealing the wood, the lines tend to bleed and look messy..take it from me. :)
5. Thread the ribbon through the hole and tie a bow.

You don't have to make reindeer, you could use a child's fingerprints to make all sorts of creatures or animals. Artist and illustrator, Ed Emberley, is a great inspiration if your interested in exploring other options.


Well, that about concludes the Christmas Project Round Up 2012.  I have one more special project to share, but for reasons that will become clear later on, it needs to wait. :) For now, I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I was up to during the month of December and are inspired to use some of these ideas for yourself!  

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