Tuesday, January 29, 2013


What good is summer without the cold of winter to give it its sweetness?
-John Steinbeck
Thankful this week,

- sweetness, even in winter; but also the promise of spring
- dessert dates with friends
- beautiful high school paintings in process
- Winter Evening at New Hope; watching my oh-so-intellegent and oh-so-hilarious students preform 
- a new and surprise song, written while I slept, inspired by MLK Jr. 
- my creative arts ministry team; people to laugh with, to talk shop with, to dream with
- time to paint and sketch
- seeing good old friends and a St. Pattys Day feast in the works
- Lianna and her whoopie pies
- this beautiful post written by my sister
- flannel sheets, blankets, tea, soup, warm family and warm kitty
- Levi's squishy-faced smile, his songs, our conversations
- a bittersweet "Take-Off" party for the dearest of friends, especially the after-party, their heart for Fiji
- these years of almost-daily blogging, this family journal, this record of life, art, joys and sorrows, thanks...and for THIS, my 1000th post!
- and my favorite winter sweetnesses..