Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Round Up 2012: I Spy

First of all, Happy New Year! 

Second of all...it's that time. Oh yes, that's right - Christmas Project Round Up 2012! Since I haven't quite given out all of my gifts (a couple of family members were traveling), we'll start with some things I made for the boy.

This "I Spy" game is very simple to make and very fun to play with.  The child looks at the photograph of tiny objects and shakes the canister to find each object.  I made one for Levi and another for his friend, Evan.

Levi is a little young for that much sustained concentration, but I'm sure he'll grow into it in no time. For now, he's a huge fan of shaking the canister and using it as a drum. :)

- a clear plastic bottle or bin (I found mine for a couple of dollars in the wrapping/container section of my local art store)
- white rice
- a strong glue; I use E6000
- a variety of objects
- laminated photo of objects (or just a list of objects, if your child can read)

1. Collect a variety of small objects. I used foam shapes, beads, pennies,  fake flowers, buttons in the shapes of animals, cars, planes etc. Hint: try to think of things that the gift-reciever likes. You could even have a theme..Christmas, winter, trucks, the color green.. 

2. Once you have all of your objects collected, lay them out and take a photo.  I placed them on a white piece of paper for a simple background.  

3. Put the objects in the bin along with white rice.  I filled mine until there was about an inch of space on the top, so the rice could move around easily when it was shaken.

4. Glue the lid to the bin with plenty of E6000 or other strong glue. Let dry.

5. Get the photo printed and laminate it.  I punched a hole and tied it to the handle of my bin with ribbon. 

There you have it.  A fun, interactive, handmade toy; easy and on the cheap. BAM.

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