Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sea Kettle Nursery School

There are habits that I want to foster early in Levi's life; habits like reading, being creative, making music and being active. It must just be the teacher in me, as I recently set up a schedule of sorts to keep us more accountable and give us a little more structure to our week. This way, no matter what, I have a loose plan to do these fun and educational activities at least once a week. I gave each day a "theme" and we can decide to go as simple or as complex as we want depending on what else is on the docket that day. And of course we call it "Sea Kettle Nursery School", just for the sake of utter fun and cuteness.

Monday- Sensory Play: rice, rocks, water, play-dough

Tuesday- Music: Listen to it, play it

Wednesday- Art: Walk to the Peabody Essex Museum for 
story/craft, work on an art project

Thursday- Reading: Go to the library, read books

Friday- Active Play and Social Skills:  Church playgroup 
(every other week); Go to the park, take a walk, play ball

Weekend: Family and Field Trips: the zoo, a museum, a farm, Beverly airport, ride the train.

Needless to say, we are enjoying our little "Sea Kettle Nursery School" immensely. It adds a nice rhythm to our week and you can't beat the 1:1or2 student/teacher ratio. :)

(is this a precursor to homeschooling you may ask? you never just never know)