Thursday, January 24, 2013

sweaters for Elsie and Natalie

Two special little ladies were born this winter, so two special little handknits were most definitely in order. 

After becoming mildly obsessed with searching for the perfect baby girl sweater, I came across this crochet "recipe". It was perfect; simple yet tasteful, feminine yet not too girly-girl. I crocheted the pattern "as is" for Elsie since she lives up here in frigid New England, but I left Natalie's sleeveless as she lives in North Carolina.  I figured she could wear a long sleeved onesie under hers on the colder days and then get some more wear out of it when it warms up. Design-wise, I love it both ways. These tiny sweaters were such a pleasure to crochet and this has definitely become my new go-to pattern for baby girls.  

(and can I just say, I think these two just have the LOVELIEST of names.)


  1. Beautiful! Love the colors. I started wielding a crochet hook this winter. Thanks for providing a link to the "recipe"!

  2. Natalie is wearing her little sweater today! It is only in the 30's here so it's keeping her nice and warm (and super cute)! I still plan on sending you a photo...