Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nap-time diaries: Mug Cozy

I love a good project that I can start and finish while Levi sleeps. Last week I designed and crocheted a cup cozy during a nice long mid-morning nap.  I vaguely remembered seeing someone use granny squares to make a coffee press cozy and thought they might also make a cute cup cozy. I love the old-fashioned warmness of granny squares and they always remind me of my great Grandma Jones who first inspired my love of crocheting and knitting. Someday I'll have to dig out the first afghan I ever made from all of her old yarn scraps...it ended up being every color imaginable and as thick as a rug. It was a monster; but a meaningful monster, I suppose.

Aaaanyways. I figured if I crocheted 3 smallish granny squares (here's a nice tutorial), they'd fit pretty well around a mug. Using scraps from other projects (I think most were from this granny square scarf, actually), I created a 2-round square with single crochets (usually they are 3 rounds using double crochets)with a size H hook. I stitched them together and then single-crocheted a border around all three squares. The last step was to make 4 long chains, mine were 25 stitches, and tie to all 4 corners. Super quick and rather charming, I think...oh yeah and it keeps my tea warm. :)

(I know that's not the most detailed tutorial, if anyone needs clarification, email me and I'll happily oblige!)

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