Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Birds and Keys

My sister Kimmie (who is currently settling into her semester in Rwanda) made me some lovely paper birds hanging in a frame for Christmas.  It's hanging center stage in our kitchen and not only reminds me that spring is coming but also reminds me to lift my little Africa-dwelling sister up in prayer. 
Her charming hanging-frame-art got my mind going with ideas for what to do with a bunch of small square wooden frames I've had lying around for years.  Three old Sea Kettle keys have hung on a nail above a door since we've moved in. I'm assuming that they are original to our 200 year old house.  I've been wanting to showcase them in a special way and the hanging them in a frame seemed perfect.  2 hooks, 6 inches of wire and 5 minutes later I had myself some lovely key art.  

I enjoy looking at them and imagining who touched and used these keys during Sea Kettle's long history. When I'm feeling really day-dreamy, I can't help but wonder if Nathaniel Hawthorne brushed by those keys as he stopped by the grocery store for some feathers and ink. 

(I have since accidentally bumped into my key frame and smashed the red frame into pieces. Luckily, I have lots of similar frames, so the keys are now in a yellow frame...which I actually prefer, since Sea Kettle is the same color. Seems appropriate.)

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  1. Love, love, love! birds, keys and using old frames. God Bless your sister.