Wednesday, January 25, 2012

this and that

just a little bit of this and a little bit of that...

- I finally fed the baby some oatmeal. Let's just say that Dmitri seems to like it more than Levi. I guess we'll have to try something more tasty (kinda looks like nasty orphanage gruel..don't really blame the kid)

- it snowed!... it's gone!

- as a rather last minute decision, I decided to start an abstract paper sculpture project with my elementary kids. I've never done this before and they are turning out so darn cool! Don't worry, I'll show ya.

- got to skype with "Rwandering" Kimmie! She's happy and tan sunburned and just back from a safari. lucky.

- I tried to make an awesome poncho out of an old sweater on Saturday during our little snowstorm. I failed miserably. Then I tried to salvage the arms to make fingerless mittens. Also failed. Luckily I just found another newly pen-in-the-wash stained sweater. If at first you don't succeed...??

- Levi still wakes up at least twice at night (more when he's sick and teething) and I'm trying not to let my exhaustion get to me. This week, I'm afraid it did; cue grumpy mama. 

- and I've been drinking a lot more coffee recently..hmmm...

- for the past few weeks I've been teaching some stained glass/clown paintings inspired by Georges Rouault. Apparently I forgot that an inordinate amount of children are deathly afraid of clowns (or that their parents let them watch awful scary movies about them!). oops. 

- Recently, I went to pick up Levi from his babysitter (who shall remain nameless..haha) and his clothes were on backwards and he was wearing my sister's purple socks. I tried not to laugh too hard. Most of it was my fault - confusing outfit, leaky diapers and a forgotten pair of new socks. :)

- speaking of socks, the other day Brian and I realized that I had on his and he had on mine. cute?

- It kinda feels like spring right now, I'm reminding myself that it's JANUARY. 

-  I have a blank canvas and paints out on my kitchen table, an empty knitting basket in the living room, begging the question, "what's next?"


  1. I loved this post! was humorous. :)

  2. haha! This all sounds amazing! I think my favorite is Levi's backward outfit and adult purple socks :) Hope you, Brian, and Levi are all doing well!!