Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Project Round Up: Tricky

This present for Brian and Levi came about in a funny way.  You may have seen the very popular book/elf called "The Elf on the Shelf".  We were in Target in November and Brian saw it and said "I used to love my Elf on a Shelf when I was a kid, it was one of the most magical parts of my childhood!" Well,  of course I was intrigued and decided to try to make my own elf for Brian and Levi.  Eventually I realize that Brian definitely did not have the book, considering it was only published a couple of years ago and that he really just had some cute little elves that he used to play with (and yes, they look a lot like the "Elf on a Shelf" elf!).  

After looking further into the new phenomenon, I realized that the book is a little creepy. Apparently the elf is sent to spy on the kids and report back to Santa as to whether they are good or bad. They also aren't allowed to touch the elf?? I don't know, just not my style. Santa was never a big deal in my house growing up, so I'm not really into having a "Santa Spy" hanging around. I'm hoping my kids are motivated to do good in other ways. 

Anyways, I decided to make a new little elfish tradition for Levi and Brian.  I made my little elf out of wood and fabric scraps (sorry, no specific tutorial, I just raided my craft room and went at it quite haphazardly). When I finished, I put him in a box with a little elf bed (I mean, you wouldn't want to put the poor little guy in a cold hard box by himself) and a little note from Santa on the top. The note basically said that "Tricky" would spend the holiday season with our family, but to be careful since he is little mischievous.  The idea is that every day in December Brian or I would hide the elf somewhere in the house or create some sort of mischief for the elf to have done for Levi to find.  Simple and fun and hopefully no creep. :)
(I found the bed at the craft store in the wood section, I think it was a mini-tray. I painted it green and made a mattress, pillow and quilt out of fabric scraps.)
(I put a thin wooden wheel-type thing in the bottom of my elf so that he would sit.  He is filled with stuffing, although there isn't any in his arms and legs.  His head is just a wooden piece I found that had the craft store.)

Can't wait to see what sorts of mischief he gets into next December!

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