Monday, April 12, 2010

A Week of Blessings

Thankful this week, for

376. new batch of drawing pencils
377. gathering perfectly round stones on the beach
378. morning gulls
379. peeking plants
380. one week till April vacation
381. students working hard on their history fair projects
382. classical 99.5 on early morning drives
383. reading, laughing, playing with some favorite little ones
384. warm days, cool nights
385. lots of new materials and inspiration
386. misunderstandings mended
387. garden dreams
388. banjo tunes
389. my husband's music
390. Glory revealed
391. these blossoms...

We are beginning week 5 (out of 7) of Dad's cancer treatment. The cancer seems to be responded well to the chemo and radiation, but the side effects are painful.  Keep praying!

holy experience


  1. Praying for your dad this morning. #390 - Glory revealed - did you know a guy named David Nasser has a book by this name? I have been reading it and it has blessed. Here is a thought from the book...May God's glory be revealed by God being an anchor in the storm. As your family goes through this season I pray that God will truly be the anchor that supports and comforts each of you.

  2. Thank you so much for your prayers and encouraging words! I hadn't heard of that book...I'm going to look it up!

  3. Kerrie,
    I will pray for your dad. We may not really know each other but we are sisters in Christ after all :)
    Also, right there with you on #376.