Monday, April 5, 2010

Blessings on a Monday in Spring

Declaring my thanks this week with the Gratitude Community...

(Easter Sunrise on West Beach in Beverly Farms, MA)

361. a warm, sunny weekend
362. sunrise over the Atlantic
363. comfort
364. brussell sprouts
365. Easter Pinata Tradition
366. Sisterly-ness (matching skirts, smiles, couch cuddles)
367. drums and drummers
368. belief in a God who heals my family and my friends
369. Dad's Friday miracle (it "rained" in his radiation-dried mouth!)
370. flip-flops
371. Forsythia blossoms
372. Resurrection songs
373. time to embroider spring on old dishcloths.
374. sun
375. Christ is risen.

holy experience


  1. I love your list. The picture is beautiful. Where was it taken! Have a blessed Monday.

  2. Thanks, Mary. I just edited the post and wrote the location...good call! :) It was taken yesterday morning at our sunrise service in Beverly, MA.

  3. Glad to read of your Dad's Friday miracle. Hope he is doing well in spite of the chemotherapy. And I must admire your gratitude for brussel sprouts. :)

  4. That picture is so beautiful! And I am glad to read about your Dad and his miracle.

  5. Amen. Praising God with you.
    ~ linda

  6. Miracles, healing and the Resurrection. He is risen indeed!
    Beautiful list. (Not sure about the brussel sprouts though... ;D)


  7. Thanks all. Come now.....nobody loves brussel sprouts?! ;)

  8. I enjoyed your list; the brussel sprouts made me are a good women to find thanksgiving in them! Maybe you have a secret recipe you should share?