Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Co-Workers, Crochet and Cookies

In the rhythm of the needles, 
there is music for the soul."

--- from an old sampler 

Last week, during our April vacation, some of my lady co-workers and I met together for a night of crochet and cookies (among many other wonderful treats). A lovely time was had by all, and now there are a few more "crochet-ers" in the world... there is something so precious about the togetherness of talking, laughing, sitting in a circle working with your hands.  


  1. Taking that time to bond with others as you create does the heart good (: I'm on a new knitting journey and although my skills are a bit lacking, the meditation of moving the needles and yarn speaks to a place in my spirit that nothing else can touch (:


  2. Doesn't it? I am also just learning to knit! It's harder than crocheting, I think.... I hope you post a knitting project or two...I'll be looking! :)