Thursday, April 29, 2010

Capturing Joyful Anticipation

This past weekend I did my first maternity photo shoot for some friends from church. We had a wonderful time and it was the perfect, gorgeous spring day for outside shots at my favorite New England garden estate.  We ended up with about 160 final shots, but here are some highlights.

Such a beautiful family... And we can't wait to meet you, Baby Range!  You are already incredibly loved. 



  1. These are *really* nice, Kerrie! You took some very creative photos, and they're all beautifully executed. Coming up with those ideas seems like it must have been challenging and it could have distracted you from photo quality, but you really did everything!

  2. Thanks Rachel! I really like how they came out...I'll have to show you the rest sometime. :) We both came up with some of these ideas together before hand by googling maternity shots, so we had a bit of a plan, but we did a lot of spontaneous things, too. It was fun!

  3. Love them all!! The baby shoes on the belly one is very cute.


  4. I really love the photo with the "Do not open" ribbon. Clever