Monday, April 19, 2010

One Thousand Gifts - April 19, 2010

Still counting my blessings to 1000. Almost half way there!

392. April vacation
393. Night of crochet, chats and a movie with small group girls.
394. a successful history fair.
395. Sunday afternoon at Mom and Dad's.
396. Nursery duty
397. a clean house
398. Only 2 weeks left of Dad's cancer treatment.
399. Chex "Puppy Chow"
400. Attentive cats
401. emails from far-away friends
402. plans
403. Finished reports
404. blooming Christmas Cactus in April
405. new projects
406. peace
407. opportunities to use my gifts
408. painting lessons with friends
409. being under the covers
410. a whole week of hanging out with my B

holy experience


  1. Such a sweet picture, and only two more weeks for your Dad's chemo. What a blessing! Did you teach yourself to crochet?

  2. Thanks! My mom taught me the basics of crochet, and I just went from there. It's addicting!

  3. Wonderful list! It is so good to be thankful in our everydays!