Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Skirts

A couple of months ago, I decided to try my hand at sewing Easter skirts for my sisters and I. I finally finished them last week, just in time!

When we were growing up, my Mom either made (or had us make) an outfit to wear on Easter. And it always matched. Even my poor lucky brother got in on the action with a coordinating vest or tie of some sort.  It was always a fun tradition that encouraged sibling love and togetherness. Here are a few photos of Easter past that I dug up at my parents' last night.  


I headed out to a local sewing store, and found a cute "Amy Butler" pattern and some gorgeous fabric. I summoned the help and encouragement of my Mom and a dear talented "sewing" friend and went to work. 

I must say, even though sewing isn't something that I'm naturally great at, those days and nights of working on these were very rewarding and relaxing. There is something wonderful about the slow and steady creation of a handmade piece of clothing (or three!). 

A great pattern (easy to follow) and such beautiful fabric!

I love the hum of an old, worn sewing machine..

Mom helping and Kimmie getting ready for her fitting...

One of the finished layered skirts...

I added a couple of flowers on each skirt for a little pizazz...


We let Brian and my brother, Jonny, join in the family picture. :) Can you believe that they didn't plan to wear matching red shirts?

So there you have it. Phew. ;)


  1. what a beautiful post
    great idea
    great pictures and
    what a wonderful family

  2. I love it Kerrie! :-) They came out GREAT!

  3. I'm officially spending way too much time on your blog... ha! I love these skirts... and that material... to die for (no pun intended)!