Saturday, April 17, 2010


This week I decided to do some embroidery. I hadn't done it in a while, but as a child, I used to love embroidering little pillows and such. I've been inspired recently by many crafty bloggers who create lovely embroidery hoop art (For example:  SouleMamaSew Liberated and Contented Sparrow (as seen at A Holy Experience).

I had a cheap dish towel that I never used because it isn't nice and soft like the others. It was perfect for embroidery, so I ripped it into three pieces to use for this project.  I did some sketches in my journal and thought it might be interesting to try something that fit together as a whole, rather than three separate designs.

I lightly sketched this spring-y design on each piece of fabric, then went to work embroidering the design, solely using the back-stitch (here is a great tutorial of embroidery basics if anyone is interested).  After I finished, I pulled each piece of fabric tight and then glued the edges to the back of the embroidery hoop (there is probably a better way of doing this, but this was all I could think to do at the time).  When I try something like this again, I'd like to learn and use some different kinds of stitches, but overall I'm pleased with this little project.  They currently hang on the door to the guest room. 

Per Mr. James' idea and request, I call them the "Pleasant-trees". 


  1. These are precious. I love to embroider, even tho I haven't in a long, long time. These are inspiring me to pull out a project! Thanks for sharing. Laura

  2. Thanks, Laura! I hope you do pull out that project...I look forward to seeing it! Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Embroidering is one of my favorite pastimes when I want to relax. It's very calming. I love your work, how it is simple yet detailed. Amazing.

  4. oh my goodness!! love these. i have embroidery hoop wall art in my daughter's room.

    I'm your newest follower! Can't wait to read your updates.