Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Meet Herbert.  He's our snorkeling Easter chicken.

Last year, Brian and I began a new (very silly) Easter tradition. We thought it would be fun to make a homemade pinata for after Easter dinner at his parents house. 

We decided to do this last minute, so we didn't have time to for papier mache to dry. Instead we used an old shoe box and some construction paper.  We simply filled the box with candy and other treats, tape it closed, then covered the box with paper.  We also added arms, legs, ears etc. with extra card board and paper. I was thinking about making this year's with more sophisticated materials, but I think the improvised, make-shift nature adds to its charm.

Last Easter, we ended up with a flying rabbit. 

In honor of the silliness from last year, this year's pinata was also created with the same simple materials and we decided to make a snorkeling chicken. Herbert.  We filled him with candy and hung him from the tree in the backyard. 

It was such a warm, beautiful spring day; perfect for an Easter pinata!

Check out the long legs. Brian would want me to make it clear that those were his idea. :)

Does your family have any totally silly traditions?
 (..and don't they make life a little lot more fun?!)


  1. What a clever pinata, especially the legs! I don't know if it would be considered silly or not, but on Valentine's Day we had what's called an 'I Love You Dinner' where all the food items had to be red. This could lead to some interesting combinations. My husband would bring home chocolate treats for me and our children and while passing out these gifts he would tell each of our children how much they were loved, and how special they were. My kids who are now adults remember this day with fondness.

  2. Thanks! And that's a lovely tradition...I love it! (and I may steal it once we have kids!) :)