Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Rock Cozy Experiment

I've been inspired recently by Resurrection Fern and her beautiful covered rocks.  There is something about these little works of art that are incredibly lovely and delicate.    

So I bought some thin yarn (you know the stuff they make doilies out of?..) and a tiny crochet hook. I also gathered some smooth ocean-tumbled rocks in our yard and at a nearby beach. I experimented with different stitches and different sized hooks.  They were a bit difficult to handle at first, but you quickly get the hang of the tiny stitches. 

It's hard to give you an exact tutorial because I did something different each time.  Basically, I began with a chain-stitch ring and crocheted around the circle until the circle fit over the top of the rock.  After that, I began crocheting while the circle was on the rock so that I could pull it tight.  I just kept decreasing stitches until the circle closed on the other side (with the rock inside). 

I learned so much with each covered rock I created, so I'm looking forward to trying this again and working on different patterns and designs. 

I just love the idea of the soft string around the hard rock. They have this beachy, ocean feel to them.  Almost like fish or lobster trap netting.. I'm also thinking of attaching verses to them on a fabric tag. I'll post them if I end up doing it. Perhaps it would be fun to cover special rocks with specific memories or places tied to them? So many possibilities for these charming little stones!


  1. I love these! You did such a nice job with them.

  2. Thanks Melissa! You should try one...they are addictive!

  3. A large rock covered like that would make an interesting doorstop, I think.