Friday, January 3, 2014

these days

these days, I'm - 

- thankful for a long and lovely winter vacation and a nice big nor'easter that kept Mr. James home for a couple of extra days
- eating way too much left-over Christmas candy
- enjoying the hilarious things that come out of my son's mouth and quickly filling our new "Levi-isms" journal (this morning: Levi: Kitties like kitty food. Brian: Yes, that's true. Levi: You're true, Daddy. You're always true.) 
- trying to finish lesson plans up 'til baby time
- listening to hours of my 2 year old's drum practicing - he's very serious
- building up my home management binder (or "Control Journal") inspired by The Fly Lady (and shining my sink nightly, of course!).
- writing lots of Christmas project posts
- nesting like crazy; cleaning and organizing the kettle, room by room
- using my label maker and washi tape on everything
- wearing my comfy new moccasins and wishing it wasn't so wet and snowy, so I could wear them out of the house
- feeling my baby girl twist and turn and nudge (much more gently than her older brother, so far), trying to keep her foot out of my rib
- giggling at an awfully cute and funny New Year's interview video from Levi (HERE, for those interested)
- getting back into my blogging grooove!


  1. mmm. i kind of want to keep an Ethan-isms journal now too. :)