Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas Projects 2013: Lace Boot Socks

I was inspired to make these lace boot socks after watching an episode of one of my favorite tv shows, Shark Tank (small businesses pitch to millionaires/billionaires to see if they can land an investment in their company. It's more entertaining than it sounds!).  Apparently people will pay an arm and a leg for these pretty socks, but I thought that 1. my sisters would love a pair of these and 2. I could probably make them pretty easily myself.   

My first attempt consisted of simply sewing lace around the top of the sock, but I realized that the lace doesn't stretch, so my socks didn't fit once I finished sewing (total FAIL).  I worked on my next pair with another crafty friend and we found a few tutorials that mentioned needing to stitch the lace while the sock was either on you or stretched out enough so that you have enough lace to fit around your leg.  I ended up measuring the largest part of my calf and cutting a piece of cardboard half that size (so that it doubles when you put the sock on it) and sewing the lace onto the sock while stretched around the cardboard.  After hand-sewing the lace, I added a couple of buttons on the side. 

A cute and simple project for any boot-loving lady!

(Also, the white lacy bowls that I used to house the socks and yesterday's handwarmers were made by dipping a crocheted doily into fabric stiffener (I used Mod Podge's "Stiffy") and hung over an upside down bowl to dry. Love these!)

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