Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Projects 2013: Infinity Scarves for the gals

This fall, my sister asked me if I had any time to make her an infinity scarf. When I started looking at patterns, I immediately thought that they would make perfect Christmas gifts for the ladies of the family this year. 

I used a couple of crochet patterns, one in a "V" pattern and another more lacy pattern, just for variety's sake. Both patterns called for a largish crochet hook and bulky yarn so even though infinity scarves are veeery long, they were relatively quick to work up. I used a nice (and somewhat pricey) yarn, so I took many trips to the craft store to get almost every skein with a coupon (I even Black Friday-ed it for the first time this year, just for the crazy yarn sales!). I'd recommend doing the same, since these scarves take on average, 3 skeins each. 

I think everyone really liked their scarves and they are super soft and warm. It's nice that you can wear them in a few ways; around the neck twice, three times or folded in half and tucked inside each other (nice and flat for putting on a coat) I liked how they turned out so much, I even made one for myself. :)

(V Pattern HERE, Lacy Pattern HERE - obviously this last pattern is just for a regular scarf, but I crocheted until about 65 inches and then attached the two sides together to make it into an infinity scarf.)

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