Wednesday, February 29, 2012

this and that

just a little bit of this and a little bit of that...

- I was in the middle of not one but two walks recently when I realized I was still in my slippers. I'm not kidding. Perhaps 6 months of not sleeping through the night is catching up to me?

- On a similar note, I was painting the other day and found myself cleaning my brush in my coffee. Yes, I was also drinking that coffee. No idea how long I was doing both. 

- We happened upon the 1996 version of Jane Eyre on Valentine's. As Brian put it, it was a "devastatingly romantic" and beautiful film. It practically ripped our hearts out. You should watch it.

- I haven't been posting much middle/high school art on the blog because I've been busy posting them on my new online art gallery over here 

- I've been painting a lot recently. Brian encouraged me to permanently carve out a space somewhere in the house, so that it would always be accessible. I decided to claim the corner of the kitchen by the windows. I've been working on a portrait of Brian, which has been a challenge, but a good exercise. I'm not a huge fan of portraiture, so I'm looking forward to getting into a new series that I'm planning based on a passage in Ezekiel. Let's just say I'll be immersing myself in the study of bones. 

- Brian usually takes Levi for an early morning stroll to our favorite bakery on Saturday mornings, so that I can get a little extra sleep (husband of the year award). They have recently befriended a homeless couple, who have taken to collecting little toys for Levi. He comes home with a new gift every week. 

- Ok, I don't know what's happening, but there is wayyyy to many little creatures living in our tiny nonexistent back yard. Besides the regular squirrel escapades, there's been skunks hanging out on the patio and an opossum scaring off visitors on our stairs.

- Levi has started scrunching up his nose and sniffing/hyperventilating when he gets excited (usually when he catches a glimpse of the cat). It's adorable.


  1. Great post. I hope you find this encouraging and not critical or hopeless, but you sound like you are doing well as a new mom. You have a great attitude, are not afraid to laugh at yourself and are carving out little things that keep you healthy...well, maybe you should drink less paint.
    And, I did guess when you posted the last time that you were painting a portrait of your husband. You are good, girl.
    Have a lovely day...