Thursday, February 9, 2012

Abstract Paper Sculptures

My elementary kids have been exploring the principle of balance as they created abstract sculptures out of colored paper (inspired by this lesson).  We talked about how there are many different ways to make things balanced.  Artists utilize elements such as size, color, shape and value to create balanced compositions.  This lesson is also a fun introduction to abstract art; it's a great way for kids to experiment using colors, shapes and lines without feeling the need to make it to look like something in particular (although some kids started making their abstract art into "playgrounds". I let it slide. haha) 

We used some square pieces of white cardboard for our base and I made lots of strips of brightly colored papers for them to start with. They could also cut their own paper however they wished. We then discussed and explored what sorts of creative ways we could use the paper; crimp, fold, curl, tab, weave...the sky is the limit!  We simply used glue sticks to attach. 

This was one of those lessons where EVERYONE felt successful, the art came out beautifully and I felt liked they learned something valuable. It will surely be a staple in my art room in the future!

Aren't they amazing?

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  1. They are fantastic. So lovely that everyone felt the had produced something amazing (they do kind of look like amazing playgrounds though don't they.