Thursday, February 2, 2012

an early valentine, a month of dates

So far, post-baby dates have been rather few and far between. Usually it's just easier to get in those comfy clothes and hunker down for a nap or another episode of "The Office" rather than to try to get it together (maybe even get a little dressed up, heaven forbid!)and do something special.

Brian and I were blessed to have 10 years of "dating" behind us (pre and post wedding, of course) by the time we had Levi.  We are both hopeless romantics and we have always been pretty good at making special time for each other. Those years were spent taking walks on the beach, dancing in the rain, playing music, hiking mountains, making art, donning cute sun dresses and bow ties, fancy dinners, picnics, art museums. Brian almost always planned them and they were almost always surprises.  Quite a feat. I think I owe him one... :)  

I'm sure we'll soon get back into the groove, but money is tighter, the baby doesn't take a bottle very well for babysitters, we're sleep deprived, we're quite taken with staring at our beautiful know the drill. 

Anyway. I thought that this would be the perfect time to do a little jump-start on the Jameses dating life. I created an early Valentine treat for Brian; a calendar of sorts with 29 dates, one for each day in February. Think along the lines of an advent calendar for the month of love

Some dates are simple and we have everything we need right here at home. Some are more complex and involve babysitters and more planning. I'm afraid I can't spill the beans on specifics quite yet (every once in a while my sweet husband graces the blog with his presence) but I have to say, date number one was a smashing success and I can barely wait for our next. ;) 

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