Thursday, February 16, 2012

sea kettle letters

We are 
letter writers, my Brian and I. So this year his valentine gift was a love letter journal of sorts.

I had a canvas covered blank book and I painted silhouettes of us writing in the windows of Sea Kettle. Then I created a simple reversible bookmark to let each other know when the "mailbox" is full; a Dear Husband side and a Dear Wife side. I included some small envelopes and a glue stick just in case we want to add any other additions to our little book of love. 

I love it, he loves it, and we look forward to filling it to the brim with notes, encouragements, prayers, poems, dream and plans, memories to keep...or maybe just a whole lotta sweet nothings. 

(and won't it be fun to look back at in 50 years?)


  1. That is such a lovely idea, as you said, to look back in 50 years......


  2. What a wonderful idea. I wish my man would love to write like I do, but it is not his thing at all.
    And I love the paiting on the cover!

  3. I love this's so romantic! It helps you connect when life takes over!