Monday, February 20, 2012


Thankful for, 

- a week off and time to play and rest with my favorite boys
- those finishing-each-others-sentences and I-know-exactly-what-you're-thinking days
- an afternoon of friends, treats and creativity
- Dad's "Lintastic" party
- a deliriously tired, but deliriously happy baby
- a candlelit church "preview"
- story time at the PEM and some fun companions
- the boys on a walk, time to paint
- Sunday nights before Monday holidays
- talking to Kimmie
- Brian's energetic and heartfelt, "It is Well"
- a fancy valentine dinner and grandparents who care for the baby
- preparing the house for guests
- sleepy smiles
- Charlie playdates
- daily dates (we could get used to this...)
- forgiveness and some seemingly never-ending but healthy processing
- flowers filling Sea Kettle
- a first swing...

(find more thanks-listing at A Holy Experience)

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