Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wonderfully Irreverant

(Photo from last year's small group retreat)

One of my many favorite things about the Old Homestead, is the chalkboard in the kitchen.  Legend has is that my friend Liz's grandmother installed this in the house in the early 1900s after it fell off a wagon and broke en route to the town school. Her grandmother was a teacher and decided to save the broken chalkboard that no one wanted. It went from trash to a treasured tradition.

I love the idea of having a place in the center of the home to write love notes, shopping lists, dinner menus..whatever! And let's just face it, writing on the wall is, as my husband so aptly put it, "so wonderfully irreverent!"

A quick run to the hardware store and about three coats of chalkboard paint later, we have our own kitchen chalkboard.  We LOVE it. 
Some recent messages...
(when Brian came home, he told me that I wrote "I love myself" rather than "Love, Me". Ooops.)


  1. I've always wanted to do that, Kerrie! Looks so welcoming.

  2. I just inherited one, it was from a training building for nurses in Athens, Ga. It now resides in my school room, with vocabulary words. We'll soon change it to a christmas verse- love the picts.

  3. I've always wanted one in our house. when I lived in mexico my roomate and I made a "wall o' thanks" where we would write things we were thankful for all over it.... it was wonderful! I miss it

  4. A few weeks ago, we painted our pantry doors with blackboard paint! It's been so much fun, especially when guests leave messages. I'll have to post some pictures soon.