Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Thanks

With grateful heart my thanks I bring,
Before the great Thy praise I sing;
I worship in Thy holy place
And praise Thee for Thy truth and grace;
For truth and grace together shine
In Thy most holy Word divine,
In Thy most holy Word divine.

Counting my thanks...
942. never ending blessings
943. aunt Debbie, doting
944. long weekends
945. preparing Thanksgiving dinner with Mom James
946. painting a Christmas backdrop with Brian
947. preparing the church for advent
948. Playing "hink pink"
949. catching up with my 3 year old cousin
950. text pictures of Charlie
951. old movies
952. a looong Thanksgiving phone call to Minnesota
953. Blessingdale treasures
954. Dad's kind question
955. Henry's approval
956. talking to a long lost cousin
957. hanging with my Hephzibah girls
958. 2nd Thanksgiving up north!
959. a sleepover at my in laws
960. my pray-ers and hope.
holy experience


  1. I love old movies and getting the church ready for advent. Two of my favorite things!

    Giving thanks with you!

  2. Happy Monday to you. Your list looks like it's full of fun in preparation for the holidays.

  3. How does Aunt Debbie dote? I'd like to hear about that :) Love Aunties who are so special.

  4. I was thankful for text pictures this week too, isn't technology wonderful?

  5. So what is "hink pink"?!?!?! :) Enjoyed reading!

  6. Kerrie... just catching up on your blog. I am also curious about Aunt Debbie's doting :) Hope you are well!

  7. Thanks ladies! On Thanksgiving, I wasn't feeling great and my aunt (in-law) was so kind and didn't want me to do anything. :)