Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A New Toy

No more lugging Mom's 30 year old machine back and forth between our houses...look what I got for my birthday!

I found this antique sewing basket on Ebay for $7!
When I got it in the mail, I found it full of very old sewing materials, too.

I got my pin cushion at a fair trade store in Portsmouth, NH.
It was handmade in Guatemala and I love it!

I'm seeing hours and hours of fun in my future..


  1. I just got my second sewing machine at a yard sale... it's a 1950s singer with all of the extras for $20. DUDE! I was so excited I tripped and slid all the way down the road. Road rash = not fun.

    still going to e-mail you. Where do my days go?

  2. WOW, Brittney! That's so awesome! (except for the road rash, that's not awesome!) :( Hope you are well...I'll be looking for that email. :)

  3. Fun fun fun! Do you quilt? I can see you as a quilter :-)

  4. oooooh!!!! AWESOME!!! Can't wait to see all your creations- and happy birthday!

  5. Look out! Here she comes armed with sewing gear!

    Just so you know, I just bought a new (very expensive) machine..I've been sewing since I can remember..and honestly, I'll take just about anything anyone gives me..but they told me in the store to ditch any thread that's more than a few years old! I was surprised actually..but I have had experience with bad thread (that was new, actually!) so I feel like I should listen ;)