Monday, August 9, 2010

"hourly as new mercies fall, let hourly thanks arise"

Brian and I are off to New Hampshire and Maine this week for a relaxing bed and breakfast vacation.  Just in case I don't respond to your comment immediately, that's why. :) I've scheduled some posts for you in the meantime...

 Have a blessed week!


...Turn, turn us, mighty God,
And mold our souls afresh;
Break, sov’reign grace, these hearts of stone,
And give us hearts of flesh.

Let old ingratitude
Provoke our weeping eyes,
And hourly as new mercies fall
Let hourly thanks arise.

-Isacc Watts

681. the anticipation of a mini-vacation with my love
682. painting with Jess 
683. fresh squeezed orange juice
684. "The Old Spot" with my in-laws
685. beautiful flower gifts
686. finished school projects
687. chats with dear Bekah (and her new small group!)
688. lessons learned
689. Maritime Festival with Aire
690. morning hugs
691. atlantic breezes
692. a good book
693. my gracious "landlord" husband
694. confidence gained
695. summer snacks
696. Amish friendship bread
697. warm glances
698. feeling close to Jesus  
699. sweet assurance
700. peace that really does pass my understanding..

holy experience