Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Salem Maritime Festival

As I mentioned yesterday, this past weekend a friend and I walked down to the wharf to enjoy the Salem Maritime Festival.  It was a perfect day of summer sun and a soft and salty Atlantic breeze.  I very much enjoyed the ships, music and history at the festival, but the most amazing realization for me was how many wonderful hand crafts were still being created by a precious few. I walked around amazed and desperately hoping that my generation would hold on to some of these long-held traditions... Do we have enough patience?

Beautiful bird decoys were being hand carved and painted..

This gentleman was hand making spoons by pounding them with other pieces of metal. 

A few women were spinning beautiful yarns..

Oh my...this woman was creating the most intricate lace you've ever seen!  All of those decorative thread sticks are holding an individual string that she is weaving together to create her design. It takes her 2-3 months to finish a piece of lace. This craft simply blew my mind.

Handmade ships in bottles... Below is a boat in progress before being put in the bottle

Many model ship builders showed off their intricate creations..

Another model ship..

A cooper was working on handmade barrels.

"The Friendship" was free and open to the public all day.  It was wonderful to spend time on this majestic ship that I walk or drive by almost every day.

Me. Enjoying the gorgeous day on "The Friendship".

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